1 - The organizer, So Fuar, is obliged to organize the exhibition in the announced city and date, unless the official authorities prohibit it, otherwise the participant has the right not to attend the exhibition and is eligible for a refund.

2 - Payment schedule: Bookings must be accompanied by payments as follows: the exhibitor can pay the participation fee in maximum 2 instalments, the first instalment must be paid within a maximum of 1 month from the date of the contract, the last instalment cannot be paid later than 1 month before the exhibition opening date, in case of delay in payments, the exhibition organizer may relocate the participant or grant no space and service. In case of no-show and participation failure for any reason, the participant is obliged to pay the invoice amount, which is not less than the contract amount, to the organizer.

3 - In the event of failure to adhere to payment schedule; in case that the contract fee is not paid even though there is less than 1 month left to the opening of the exhibition, the exhibitor will not be able to receive stand installation service and still have to fulfil its obligations arising from this contract, even if space is exceptionally allocated to the exhibitor.

4 - Cancellation Policy: This contract is in the form of a commercial contract and cannot be cancelled unilaterally. In the event of space cancelled 6 months prior to the exhibition, the organizer will collect 25% of the full contract price. 50% of the contract price is collected for cancellations made less than 6 months before the exhibition, and 100% of the contract price for space cancellations made less than 3 months before the exhibition, thereby the contract will be mutually cancelled.

5 - Exhibitors who do not receive stand and transportation services from the organizer are obliged to prepare their stand 1 day before the exhibition opening and to place their goods on the stand at least 24 hours before the opening of the exhibition. Hence after that point, goods arrive to the exhibition hall shall not be admitted by no means. Again, the participant, who does not receive transportation service accepts in advance that it has not received any form of transportation services from the organizer for customs, unloading, storage etc. The participant accepts in advance that it has not received any service and that the organizer has no responsibility for them and will not write any articles addressed to any authority. The organizer is not obliged to provide transportation services at any exhibition, all participants who receive or do not receive the organizer's transportation service are responsible for sending products and preparing and declaring the relevant certificates according to the customs legislation of the relevant country.

6 - Participants who do not receive shell scheme booth service from the organizer will only be allocated space only. Therein, the responsibility for the floor covering, stand walls, lighting, electrical connection to the stand, stand electrical panel, table and chair and all other stands preparations not listed here belong to the exhibitor. Companies that build their own stands or have them made by third parties are obliged to obtain stand approval from So Fuar and pay any fees that may arise separately.

7 - It is the participant's responsibility to complete the entry visa procedures for the country where the exhibition is held. The organizer has no responsibility for the participant's failure to obtain a visa and the organizer preserve all the contractual rights.

8 - In the event of force majeure (earthquake, pandemic, coup, strike, war, political crisis, flight cancellations, weather conditions, closure of customs, etc.), in such cases where the exhibition team, stand materials and goods, etc. cannot be admitted to the exhibition area, the exhibition will be postponed to a later date. If the exhibition cannot be held within 1 year after the end of the force majeure, the organizer makes the participant use the exhibition participation right in the form of participation in another exhibition, the participation fee received or to be received is not refunded.

9 - The participant expressly consents to the collection, use, disclosure, transfer and processing of personal data or information constituting sensitive personal data shared with the organizer for the purpose of informing and communicating with the cooperated institutions and organizations, without prejudice to their rights under the legislation.

10 - Istanbul courts and enforcement offices are authorized for disputes arising from this contract.

11 - The contract, which consists of one copy, consists of 11 articles and is signed between the parties on the date specified in the contract and the parties agreed and committed to abide by the provisions of the contract.